Add the Exonera network to your team

Following many sales, marketing and I.T. leadership roles in companies of all sizes, Julie and Michael Strawson founded Exonera to unburden businesses from the headaches of modern marketing. We know that every company is different so we tailor-make an expert team that fits your needs.

With Exonera managing your projects, you can tap into an outstanding network of professionals including digital service design and development experts Codica and design agency Citrus.

Doing what everyone else does won't work.

Bringing strategic thinking together with the creative aspects of brand building and expert digital service design increases your first time success rate while reducing cost and time to market. 

What qualifies us to help you, apart from academic qualifications that is..? 

We have vision and a track record of growing businesses.

We know what it takes to come up with an idea and make it happen.  

We're great at innovation and understand what it takes to drive thought leadership

We've increased productivity by designing workflows that save time and money. 

And we know all this will help you to grow your business. Let's talk!