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Empowering you to work and collaborate with the same power you have in the studio removes your dependence on an office space to do business. It's also incredibly liberating and motivating to be able to work wherever you want to. Try Inevidesk, the powerful virtual desktop service optimised for design in architecture and engineering.

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With Inevidesk you can design anywhere at high performance.

Inevidesk is a virtual GPU desktop service by Inevitech which replaces the need for expensive traditional hardware for Microsoft Windows-based applications.

Simply put, what used to sit in a big, black box under your desk now resides securely on a powerful server
located either in your office (on-premise) or in the cloud (hosted) and integrated with existing infrastructures and services.

Your new virtual desktop is accessible in the office, but also anywhere with an internet connection; making working from home,
site or satellite offices around the world seamless.

It's different from remote working platforms; developed to support design software and a minimum of 7 designers aimed at boosting productivity cost-effectively.

Key Benefits

- Reduce capital cost and improve cash flow.
- Maximise the value of your IT resources
- Simplify your IT estate management.
- Enable teams to work from other locations as though in the office.
- Improve the speed of decision making and production.
- Modernise your IT infrastructure to keep it fit for purpose.
- Facilitate the future evolution of your business come what may.
- Adjust your desktop resource on an annual basis.


-Decades of experience delivering IT services in the AEC sector.
-Unlike other similar services, Inevidesk is specifically designed to integrate easily with your existing infrastructure,
either on premises or in the Cloud.
- Flexible, enables instant scalability.
-No hidden costs, or metered usage, just one transparent annual fee to cover our service and support.
-Fast implementation including onboarding consultancy.
- Secure.

What does it Cost?

Our standard specification is priced on this website. This is based on a minimum order for 7 virtual desks (vdesk). So that works out at £100 per vdesk per user per month.
Inevidesk is fully customisable. Our team can build you a personal quotation at any time. Over a three year period Inevidesk aims to cost around the same, or less, than purchasing an equivalent physical PC.


Email for technical specifications and our full service document.

What's Involved in an INEVIDESK Trial?

We offer a free two week trial for up to 7 users.
We'll ask you to complete a short pre-trial questionnaire to help us prepare the trial for you.
We will then work closely with you to set up the service, whether onsite or in the cloud, to allow you to access the trial desktops.
We’ll be in touch regularly for feedback during the trial process and ask your users to report any issues to us directly via email.
At the end of the trial we will review your experience and discuss the potential of introducing Inevidesk as an exciting new addition to your IT systems.

Free Trial or Send us an email to chat