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Royal United Hospital Bath Radiology Improves Patient Care

We asked Graham Robinson, Consultant Radiologist at Royal United Hospital, Bath about their move to speech recognition...

"Following a reduction in secretarial support,
 the team faced stiff demands on time to maintain a fast and accurate turnaround of reports.
Radiologists are not necessarily fast typists after all.
We had version 9 of Dragon which we managed with (untrained)along with manual transcription
for much of our output. 

Following a demonstration and discussions of what we could achieve with Mike
(Compliant UK) 
we deployed the new version.
Coupled with Compliant UK's customised commands and one to one training we now use it for 
creating all CT, Fluoroscopy, MRI, Ultrasound, Urogram and X-ray dictated output, literally as fast as we can speak it,
directly into our system.

Compliant UK took the time to understand what we wanted to do ideally and wrote the code to create a set of custom commands to deliver it. We can now dictate directly into the correct text window 
whilst manipulating the image 
with the mouse.  

The custom commands get around quirks of our
system which in the 
past were a distraction.  Previously there were delays 
typing reports and now there are none.  

The members of the team who were most resistant
to change became some of the most enthusiastic users as they (Compliant UK)were 
flexible and gave 
specific help whenever necessary." 

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