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What we do

Compliant UK are experts in making speech recognition work for the Medical, Legal, Education, SME, Corporate and the Access to Work markets. We have the necessary experience to be able to recommend the right software, hardware and degree of customisation you or your organisation needs.  

We assess your workflow and design a new process that returns:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced business administration costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction through quicker response times, improved document/email content quality & accuracy.
  • Increased user satisfaction through freeing up admin time to focus on core activities and removing several health risks associated with computer work.   

Our prices are keen as we are all about removing barriers to the real benefits this brilliant technology can deliver.  Bear in mind that turning talk into text is only part of the solution.  We can add significantly to the benefits by awakening the workflow-streamlining capabilities these applications have.  Resulting in maximum positive return on investment, reduced training times and easier adoption, our Custom Command Workflow Package completes the solution.  

Call us to book a free Workflow Assessment, request more info or talk through the possibilities:  

01722 790049  or email