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Have more time for the kids...

Juggling work, home schooling and escaping for exercise is keeping us busier than ever.

Our small gesture to you at this difficult time is to help you and your team skip through admin. at home with Dragon Professional Anywhere, the fastest, most accurate speech recognition yet.

Until June 30 we're offering FREE TRIALS for up to 10 users and £200 off the RRP.  

Includes in-depth productivity analysis for ROI measurement. No training. Fast and accurate on installation. Noisy household? It still works! Give it a try...

Email or call 01722 790049 to start your free trial today! 


Work remotely, faster using your voice



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Compliant UK helps people do more with their voice using professional speech recognition technology. We're experts at integrating this with your familiar workflow to streamline administration and increase productivity. And yes, it is accurate! 

We save customers time and money by offering Dragon, the world's leading speech recognition technology at the best prices delivered free to UK mainland addresses. 

Not sure which Dragon is for you? Always call us if you're shopping around. We answer the phone!

Speech recognition is an amazing technology.

We can enable access to work and allow an individual to continue working.

We can help you improve customer experience by dictating documents such as quotes using your mobile phone when you are on the road.

Or speed up data entry by integrating Dragon with databases or Electronic Patient Records Systems to voice power your whole workflow.

Our goal is to help you improve productivity, content quality and accuracy while reducing administration time and costs.

Call for free, friendly advice on 01722 790049 or send us an email.