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Working at the Speed of Sound

Learn how easy it is to do your admin when you're working off-site. Even on a yacht!

How can Dragon Medical One help healthcare professionals?

Dr. Simon Wallace shares some research findings on how much Dragon Medical One reduces clinician burnout.

Just how accurate is Nuance Dragon Mobile Anywhere?

Intro to using your voice and your mobile phone to create documents.

Exonera's Dragon based mobile speech recognition applications

Learn how business people, construction workers, estate agents & surveyors and anyone who needs to report out of the office, can speed up their workflow with Nuance Dragon Anywhere Mobile speech recognition. This is a UK language model, with no US spellings, delivered securely over the cloud for iOS and Android phones & tablets.

Why Speech Recognition?

Discover why speech recognition can help you do more.

Why Cloud?

Discover why Cloud-based speech recognition increases productivity and reduces costs.

Exonera team cleans up beaches in Greece

Wherever we are we try to look after our environment. Plastic pollution is a major threat to marine life and something we in our small way are actively working to reduce, at home and away.

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