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Do More Good

At Exonera we believe passionately in protecting our environment. That's why we advocate clean technologies such as virtual desktop services and speech recognition. By using digital services business and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.

But Exonera is more than a shop; we practice simple proactive environmental responsibility; for example collecting rubbish where we find it including in the oceans and on beaches when we travel.

We believe that everyone deserves the same chances to succeed. And technology can open doors for many. Another reason for selecting the products we offer.

Children with learning and physical differences have a tough start. To try to help we donate Dragon speech recognition to special needs schools in the UK to help level the playing field.

For information on this or if you have a special cause that needs support email us and we will try to connect you with people in our community that may be able to help. We may also be able to promote your cause in our newsletter and social media channels.

Do More With Your Life

We decided that there is more to life than work when we lost our parents and our brother to Cancer.

We split our time between sailing and running our business to maintain a healthy work/life balance. We undertook a voyage to the Mediterranean from the UK in 2020 and have started posting tips for working remotely on our You Tube and LinkedIN channels.

Enough about us – what about you? If you'd like to share your story please email us and we will post it in our community newsletter which you can subscribe to below.

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Learners Do More Fund

Exonera aims to give Dragon professional grade speech recognition software to UK schools, helping them level the learning playing field for all their special needs children.

Together we can do this. How?

5% of your spend with Exonera is added to our Learners Do More fund. If your spend with us to supercharge your business is enough to directly benefit a school in this way you can nominate the local school that your business would like us to help and your business becomes that school's Dragon speech recognition enabler – great news for the children and the school staff. Plus your staff and your customers can feel good about you too!