Cut team admin and improve customer experience

"The Dictaphone is dead & Siri isn’t accurate enough..."

For over 20 years Michael Strawson has helped businesses, healthcare and legal professionals get more done with Dragon speech recognition. Here's an update from him on why he's now recommending this for anyone that creates documents:

"We're living in an on-demand world where waiting for anything is not just inconvenient, it actually loses money. Add to that the increased use of keyboards of all kinds for much of the day and the effect that has on health and now's the right time to move to a smarter way of working. 

Dragon Anywhere Group lets your workforce dictate and edit documents by voice on iOS or Android mobile devices in real-time and with incredible accuracy. So your organisation remains productive regardless of where the team is. Forget Siri and whatever you have on your phone, Dragon is still the most accurate SME and Enterprise-ready speech recognition software, now for mobile devices so you've no need for a headset or dictaphone. You say the words and Dragon Anywhere Group delivers ready-to-go-documents to email, print, save as pdf, upload to your cloud folder and more. Now there's no reason to delay sending quotes, wait for clients to complete applications or share detailed information with colleagues accurately. It can all be done when your team is with customers, suppliers and partners. Giving you a real competitive edge and delivering a more efficient experience all-round.

Anyone working on the road or who prefers using their phone to dictate can benefit from Dragon Anywhere Group." 

Impressed? Drop us a line to check out how affordable it is to set your team up.

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Already got Dragon Professional Group? Great!

Save further time and create even more complete documents on mobile if your organisation already uses Dragon Professional Group on desktops/laptops. It’s simple to link your mobile Dragon Anywhere Group accounts to desktop Dragon enabling the same personalised vocabularies and auto-texts that your users are familiar with. Dragon Anywhere Group gives organisations of all sizes central access to a cloud-based management portal that makes measuring ROI easy and you can plan the roll-out of updates etc.

With Dragon Anywhere Group, you can:

  • Speak and create documents, using Dragon's common sense dictation commands to format, navigate and edit until you are satisfied the document or email can be sent.
  • Edit previous documents stored on your device or imported from your Cloud folders in the same way.
  • Share Dragon Anywhere Group documents to the Cloud and download them to your computer.
  • Add new words to your Dragon Anywhere Group Vocabulary and train them on your mobile device.
  • Import your established Dragon Professional Group desktop vocabulary, including customer names, industry-specific terms, etc. into Dragon Anywhere Group from your desktop via the Cloud.
  • Create new auto-text commands in Dragon Anywhere Group to, for example, make a new fillable form or a paragraph you dictated and want to use again in other documents etc.
  • Import your established auto-text commands into Dragon Anywhere Group from your desktop version of Dragon Professional Group.
  • Forgotten a command? Just ask "What Can I Say" to see a list of commands you can use in Dragon Anywhere Group.

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