Why bring Marketing and Technology together?


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"We're the C.M.O.+ C.T.O. consultancy. It's all about driving profit..."

Integrating marketing needs leadership and great communication. Putting a marketing plan in place relies on great execution. Your whole team needs to be fully engaged in the plan along with the right choice of software and I.T. framework to enable team communication, support campaigns and deliver customer services.  

I.T., sales, support and finance all have their own perspective on how to improve the success of each campaign and communications drive. For instance, compliancy and security issues are usually the specialty of the I.T. team. Yet ensuring customer data is properly managed and having the right security in place is as much the responsibility of marketing as it is of I.T..  And if it gets missed it can put your company at risk. 

Also, having sales insight into what customers like or do not like about the way your company communicates helps define your marketing plan. And having financial data about a customer's purchase history helps targeting and personalisation.

Now, what tech. do you need to execute your marketing plan? There's so much to choose from, where do you start? Can you integrate your existing sales and administration systems with marketing tools? How can you improve workflow and data management? And what do you want to measure as you execute your plan?

If you have your own I.T. and marketing team, how unified are they? Are you using outside suppliers? How does that affect costs and performance when you're running campaigns? Is there a simple workflow and are you able to measure what's going on?

Exonera is a marketing and technology consultancy that also delivers services. "We're the C.M.O. + C.T.O. consultancy" says Julie Strawson, founder of Exonera. "... too much time and money is being wasted running disjointed processes. It's time to unify them to improve customer experience and grow profit."

Bringing marketing and technology together helps to unify the experience your customer receives, gives you clearer visibility of the value of each customer and helps focus the business on retaining them.  By retaining customers you increase profit. Need we say more? Book an Exonera Review to discover how you can integrate marketing in your business.

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