What is customer experience?

Julie Strawson
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Why is customer experience the new marketing?

I’m sure that you have your customers at the very top of your mind every day. Of course. Most companies strive to be customer-focused. But what would your customers say about you? Do you know?

Forrester Research recently studied the biggest US companies and found that those who concentrated on designing their business to deliver the best customer experiences were growing revenue faster than others. As a smaller company it’s easy to think that principle is really for the multinationals but your business can be just as successful if you can change the way you do things.

It’s all about finding out what your customers want from you and centering your company around that alone. It needn’t cost a lot, it just requires a shift away from departmentalisation toward one unified team. Then, I believe that the best way to be successful is to focus how the business operates around customer experience. This is what I refer to as “the new marketing”.

This involves defining what customers want from you, then developing one unified set of values which the whole team understands and believes in. We are used to seeing this process broken down into many fragments - research, branding, advertising and sales, for instance. But it makes no sense to run sales and marketing as two separate entities and have a number of separate processes when the goal is the same ie: to grow the customer base.

The chances of success once you have your customer's interests at the heart of your strategy are much higher. Consider all the interactions your team has with customers and you can quickly see how much potential there is to fail or succeed. 

Getting people aligned inside the business first is critical to this. They need to understand why everything they do needs to be designed to deliver the best experience. They need to be empowered to make decisions in the interests of customers and they need the right infrastructure to do this.

Fast networks that are secure with clear privacy policies that your team understands and executes are a necessity, not a nice to have. And ensuring that you gather data accurately will not only help you run your business more efficiently, it will make your customers happy when you get it right first time, every time. 

Building the right modern technology frameworks designed to support the customer experience will result in faster transactions, more accurate data and more reliable service. In short happy customers. What more could you want?

For further reading and details on the research I make reference to here, this great Forbes article gives you an overview of the effect of centering your business around customer experience.

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