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Julie Strawson
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Going global : The Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography 

When I first met Gloria Kondrup the Hoffmitz Milken Center of Typography (HMCT) had not been born. She was not only a leader of the faculty at Art Center College of Design but had established The Archetype Press, a fully functional facility and home for hundreds of beautiful wood and metal typefaces and an enviable selection of antique printing presses sitting indignantly within the hi-tech facade of Art Center in Pasadena, California. She knew, and I suspected, that the art of letterpress would not be passé for too long.

Gloria was a double act. With her great friend and collaborator, Professor Leah Hoffmitz Milken the curriculum for modern typography was created. When Leah was lost too soon Gloria set about bringing her last wishes and legacy to life. The HMCT opened in November 2015 through the generosity of the Lowell Milken Family Foundation, focused on elevating typography, "the spine that runs through the body of graphic design," according to HMCT's creative director, Professor Simon Johnston.

The HMCT is a non-profit organisation and offers generous student scholarships and awards, educator grants, visiting lecturers, exhibitions and workshops. Its growing partnerships with other educational and professional organizations, both nationally and globally, are unique and focused on its mission to support typographic education.

Being a centre of excellence in one region of the United States is one thing. But Gloria wants to drive standards in typographic education globally. By associating the HMCT's voice with global issues and illustrating the value of typography within the graphic design process they can extend their brand appeal.

The HMCT will define what the future for typographic education looks like. They will act as a bridge to provide resources for educators and drive an inclusive agenda to ensure that typography is accessible to all. 

Exonera developed a brand strategy focused on growing awareness and partnerships. We are excited to be organising their Vox Pop London events this year.