Inclusive online experiences by Syncroni

How learning and collaborating online may be about to change...

Today everyone depends on technology to go about their daily routine but they don't want to have to learn how to use countless different platforms or apps and for some a standard approach to software design leaves them disenfranchised from the digital world. A market referred to as the 'purple pound' worth $200 billion actually. (No idea why dollars!).

One tech start-up that knows all about this is Syncroni, a live experience platform developer whose design philosophy is to design for people first. 

Founders Karl Soanes and Heather Longworth discovered how to increase accessibility when observing how Karl's nephew, who wasn't able to attend school, found it more engaging to use multiple devices at once for online lessons. 

They saw an opportunity to design a different learning experience designed to suit how people use a blend of different devices depending on what they want to do. For instance messaging on a phone while sharing a video on a laptop and a drawing on a tablet. Yes - all in synchronicity in real time in one session.

The potential for increasing access to learning this way, not only for people with learning differences, but also for displaced people and those without access to formal education also struck Heather and Karl. Plus, according to the University of Warwick it seems that only 13% of online learning courses are completed and one of the reasons is they are too static and boring. 

Exonera helped Heather and Karl to investigate the market potential for Syncroni and develop their brand in order for them to take the idea out to investors. We wish them luck as they seek to win investment.  

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