Business transformation at Monotype

"...Fearless, creative and analytical. Able to balance big picture ideas with the realities of effective execution"  Doug Shaw, CEO, Monotype 1986-2015

Monotype is a global leader in type, technology and expertise. The brand is unique since it has its roots back in the 1890's when it manufactured hot metal type for printing machines. 

Type is an essential element of the customer experience. Consider how difficult it would be to communicate without it. Selecting the right typefaces for your communications depends on your audience and also your brand. When Monotype first produced hot metal it was easy to control the experience because there was only one medium - the printed page. Today it's a lot harder to do that because of all the different media and software that display type.

As technology has evolved, so has Monotype. Julie Strawson was brought into Monotype in 2002 as a consultant to help define the strategy and brand for a new service in development that would help manage the distribution and licensing of fonts on networks. From there she worked seamlessly with the team to define the marketing plan and launch Fontwise. It soon became a strong multi-million pound business which helped to grow licensing revenue.

To complement the launch Julie managed the re-development of the European business websites and content to be strongly focused on customer segments for a relevant and useful customer experience. She wrote most of the content herself. 

Julie also established the European PR strategy, initially focusing on typeface and product launches but also spearheading an anti-piracy thought leadership campaign including chairing Monotype's membership of the Business Software Alliance for two years. This also led to Julie engaging and managing the London PR agency for the European business with great success.

Working hand in hand with the managment team, Julie built a marketing strategy including research projects and speaking at key events on behalf of the company, to help Monotype to grow their business in the mobile sector. She worked closely with big brand customers to spot opportunities. This led to the development of the Flipfont mobile phone application in partnership with Vodafone. Monotype has now developed this product to be a core engine in Samsung mobile phones with an annual turnover of more than $1M.

Julie has a strong instinct for spotting future trends and market opportunities. In 2009 Julie created an experimental branded app with Barclays that showed how mobile advertising could be branded and presented using the correct typefaces. This fuelled her keen interest in bringing marketing and technology together to help businesses understand and employ technology. 

Monotype designs type, then engineers it to work across all devices and platforms, so in the face of so much complexity for brand managers, Julie saw that the company could be a perfect industry convener. In 2011 she convinced Monotype to launch Brand Perfect, an educational community based on a rich content strategy to help bring brands, designers and developers together to problem solve and build more usable customer experiences. The global community was 2000 members strong when Julie left the company in 2015.

Monotype has taken another of its transitions into the era of digital brand delivery and with the growth of its stature in the branding world, the launch of its webfonts business and subsequent acquisitions is now in a dominant global position in digital brand delivery. 

Recommendation letter from Doug Shaw, CEO, Monotype.