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Image courtesy of St Richard's Hospice, Worcester, UK
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Saving precious time in St Richard's hospice

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At any time a healthcare worker's life can be made so much easier with efficient administration. Vital details about the day to day changes in a patient's condition need to be shared with all practitioners involved with their care as quickly and accurately as possible. This is even more critical at the moment.  With many people having to self isolate at no notice getting notes and reports done immediately enables continuity of care.

At St. Richard's Hospice in Worcester eight staff are now using Dragon Medical Practice Edition to dictate directly into their SystmOne patient records system.

Here is what Marina Dixon, Clinical Nurse Specialist at the hospice has found:

"The Dragon system means that my recording of medical notes is very much quicker and can mean that it takes me half the time that it used to take when I was trying to hand type. It is really useful when recording long lists of drugs. Also, the fact that you can use the Dragon remotely from the main server is extremely useful when I am on call or if I have notes to record at home. In summary it is extremely time saving in my day-to-day work thank you very much."


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