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Surveyor on construction site
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Fast-track reporting - create voice templates with Dragon Anywhere Mobile

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If you work out of the office and have to record what you are doing, such as survey work on a building site or recording the details of an appointment or sales order you can create templates to fill in using Dragon Anywhere Mobile and your voice.

It's a lot faster than typing! Especially on a phone.

Watch our video to see it in action: 

Already have Dragon Anywhere Mobile? Here's how you create a template: 

1. Click Add Auto-text in the app.
2. Copy and paste your existing template, from Word for example.
3. Click 'Insert Field' wherever you want to input data or text within your template.
3. Give it a name and hit 'Save'.
4. Hit the Mic button and start work!
Want to try it out?
Contact us at today to arrange a free trial. 
You can enable everyone who works out of the office to deliver fast reporting with Dragon Professional Anywhere, enabling documents to be uploaded to your network and edited by voice.