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Hutchinson and Partners are the latest to adopt Inevidesk virtual infrastructure

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About 18 months ago I started working with Inevitech founders Tim Whiteley, Mark Adams and Stephen Horvath to bring to market their new service Inevidesk, offering a powerful virtual computing environment for architects and engineers. 

Based on their considerable experience of specifying and supporting I.T. in the AEC sector they were able to meet many requirements that simply were not addressed by existing solutions at a reasonable cost to the customer.

The team worked closely with the industry.  Understanding how architects work and the tools they need to design and collaborate with effectively is core to Inevidesk's value. As testing progressed, direct industry feedback was critical in the development of the service.  

Now it is paying off with leading architect firms Hopkins Architects, then Flanagan Lawrence and now Hutchinson and Partners adopting Inevidesk. How is it helping them? Here is an extract from the Inevidesk blog:

..."Inevidesk's virtual desktop solution is going to provide us with the platform to work so much more efficiently," says Tom Wynne (Director). "In the past we have used remote desktop technologies and cloud based filesharing, but Inevidesk allows each of us, no matter where we are based, to work directly on the server, keeping all our data centralised, and use virtual desktops calibrated to provide the high level of performance we require when working on complex design projects. During our trial of the service I was amazed at how great the performance was, even when working on our largest Revit files from my office here in Cardiff."

Berlin based Director Jörn Rabach states, "I have been following the evolution of Inevidesk since its inception and have to say it's quite incredible how far the Inevitech guys have come in a relatively short space of time. I have been a long term advocate for virtual desktop technology and have tried most of the solutions available, but in terms of performance and price point (amazingly competitive in an otherwise rather expensive field) Inevidesk is now the one to beat. One thing that sets Inevidesk apart is how the service has been designed by people with an in-depth knowledge of architects and how we work, which is so valuable. I'm excited to be implementing the system and excited to see how this will allow our working practices to evolve and improve over the coming months and years."

Flexible working was always on our agenda here at Exonera. And virtual desktop infrastructure offers creative firms that need power a greener alternative to continually upgrading hardware, ticking another of our boxes. Exonera provides a simple, streamlined service for businesses who don't necessarily have lots of I.T. support and know-how. We are approved Inevidesk partners who work seamlessly with Inevitech.

Technology like this really is accessible to all. No need to worry about upfront costs as all onboarding and support are included in the service and it can be subscribed to monthly. Trying it out costs nothing. So there is no need to hold back your business with legacy I.T. any longer. Join the movement that these three leaders have started.

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