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Architect working remotely
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AEC businesses can now connect, innovate and evolve

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After 6+ years in development by the founders of Inevitech, all specialists in IT provision in the Architecture Engineering and Construction sector, Inevidesk is now available.

Specifically calibrated for the powerful Windows-based graphics applications used by architects and engineers in practice and in education, Inevidesk delivers the power of a workstation anywhere with an internet connection. This enables users to access all their files and software applications to continue working seamlessly and collaborate without being physically connected to the office workstation.

Inevidesk is different to general remote working services that simply connect  you to your desktop. It offers different display modes tuned for CAD and BIM in particular so depending on whether you are working in 2 or 3D you can optimise performance. 

Inevidesk brings incredible advantages to your organisation enabling flexibility over where your people work or study, a reduced carbon footprint by reducing the need to travel and removing barriers to entry to the profession for practices and students who cannot afford powerful hardware.

Over the long term a move to virtual infrastructure can reduce overheads by reducing the need for as much office or campus space. We have heard very positive feedback about it also helping to improve morale by taking away the pressure of the daily commute. This could help to retain staff.

Exonera has been working with Inevidesk closely to deliver this service to market and is now offering Inevidesk subscriptions, with a free trial of 14 days. (Click on the link for more information).


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Inevidesk launches to support virtual collaboration and agility within the AEC sector

New virtual desktop platform from Inevitech is designed for AEC firms; Hopkins Architects realises strategic value from deployment

London, 29 September 2020: Inevidesk launches today; a new virtual desktop platform that is specifically calibrated to help professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry collaborate and innovate with agility and flexibility, from anywhere – requirements that are suddenly all the more pressing in our current Covid-19 world.

A steering committee of leading architects, engineers and consultancies helped to refine the Inevidesk solution, which has been launched by Inevitech – a joint venture between Open Virtualisation Solutions and Workshop IT. Both businesses have led the delivery of IT services to AEC firms for decades and are driven by the desire to improve working practices through cutting-edge, yet affordable technology.  

Inevidesk is designed to enable fully agile working and a better work/life balance for staff, while also reducing their need to travel and related pollution on the environment. It is accessible in the office but also anywhere with an internet connection, enabling AEC professionals to work from home, on-site, at client locations or in satellite offices, simply and effectively.

For employers, the platform offers a strategic, secure and cost-effective gradual evolution of their IT infrastructure that can be integrated into existing site infrastructure or hosted in the cloud via datacentres powered 100% by renewable energy. The wealth of industry-specific expertise in its development has resulted in the following features:

·        High performance: Inevidesk is calibrated to provide the optimum experience for a range of industry specific software, reducing lag and prioritising input to provide a smooth and effective working experience, even on lightweight and inexpensive hardware operating in low-bandwidth environments

·        Strategic: The platform is designed to allow a phased and strategic implementation. It can easily be integrated into existing infrastructure or deployed as full infrastructure in the cloud – a gradual and strategic end goal for some, an immediate requirement for others. The scale of deployment can be matched to each organisation’s needs

·        Value: From industry benchmarking, Inevidesk delivers far greater value than similar services available in the AEC industry while also being more tailored. Scalable subscription-based pricing is all inclusive with no hidden costs. The cost per vdesk over a three-year period is generally on a par with the price of an appropriately specified workstation

·        Secure: Inevidesk is protected by multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access and the simple, intuitive controls of its admin portal ensures users can reassign or disable vdesks rapidly when needed

Hopkins Architects had been trialling Inevidesk before the pandemic, then quickly accelerated to a strategic deployment. Thomas Corrie, Associate Director and BIM Manager at the practice says: “Even before Covid-19, we could see the potential of a virtual workstation solution and the benefits it could bring to our practice. But when the pandemic hit our strategy had to change dramatically. Inevidesk is by far the most capable remote working solution on the market given it’s been designed specifically for the industry. It easily plugs into our existing workflows and is compatible with design software we use including Revit – both of which have been critical in keeping our business running and our workforce agile.”

Tim Whiteley, co-founder of Inevitech – the company behind the Inevidesk platform – says: “There are numerous existing  virtual desktop solutions that are complex, costly and not built with the specific requirements of the AEC industry in mind, which is one reason why many firms haven’t considered a virtual desktop strategy in the past. But AEC organisations should look at the mass shift to remote working during the pandemic as a catalyst for permanent, progressive change: to become more agile, productive and environmentally considered in their working practices. We want to disrupt the market and support organisations to evolve and meet the rapidly changing demands of the industry and its workforce.

“Years of experience specifying, building and supporting GPU desktop services for AEC organisations has enabled Inevitech to understand how to provision the high-performance necessary for collaborative and dispersed design. Our goal is to help firms become more agile, reduce overheads, improve productivity and staff wellbeing, and reduce their carbon footprint by enabling a smarter way of working.”