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Nuffield Trust report shows the way forward for digital healthcare
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Nuffield Trust report shows the way forward for digital healthcare

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"A lot less time will be spent by staff on administrative tasks and routine 
communication, as automation, voice recognition and natural language
processing become more commonplace."  Nuffield Trust research report: Delivering the benefits of digital health care.

Private sector or within the NHS, remote or on-site, the need for clinicians to drive digital data workflows while ensuring high standards of patient care is a reality.  Using the right tools to streamline, automate and reduce the time clinician's spend completing these digital workflows frees up time which can be spent with patients.

Voice recognition enables the real-time, fast & accurate creation of text spoken directly to the Electronic Health Record (EHR).  Automating templates and time consuming multi-step, multi-mouse-click processes required to complete that workflow typically saves half as much time again.  This is achieved by integrating voice recognition software through a set of custom coded, multi-functional voice commands which the clinician says to get the job done much, much faster. 

By getting a complete understanding of the clinician's workflow, Compliant UK creates a useful bespoke voice driven time saver which helps clinicians focus on their core competences rather than driving the EHR. 

If you would like to talk to our customers about how helpful our solutions are to their administration or,  for your own free workflow assessment and demonstration please contact us.

Click here for further details of the Nuffield Report.