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Hands free computing is easy with speech recognition
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How speech recognition can change your life

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If you're anything like me, mainly chained to a desk all day, you'll probably have suffered neck and back pain that's constantly a problem. I have spent countless hours and lots of money on pilates classes, chiropractors, the gym (yawn!) trying to counteract the time I spend slaving at a keyboard but all the advice is the same - I just spend too long working on a computer. 

The worst aspect of this is using keyboards, particularly now that we have so many different devices and the time we spend typing eats into our leisure time too. We're building up so much repetitive strain in our fingers, arms and shoulders when we type that eventually the tension causes problems. 

Many people will have heard of speech recognition technology and discounted it because it was so inaccurate it cost you time or you had to wear a ridiculous-looking headset that made you feel stupid. But have you revisited it lately? It's an incredibly fast and accurate way to get text into your computer. You can even control your computer by voice instead of using a mouse. And there are a range of input devices now including your mobile phone!

By reducing your time typing you can reduce the strain on your joints and avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI), but you can also become much more productive as you create documents at the speed of sound (your voice). And if you have trouble spelling, that's also solved for you - it's great for dyslexic children and adults. It also works well in noisy environments like classrooms and offices.

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