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Unburden Your Life

At home, work, wherever you are, imagine if you and your team could enjoy more flexibility to work securely? Exonera helps organisations and individuals do more with strategic technology. It's good for you, business and the planet. Like the sound of that?


Access Your Office Anywhere! All your Windows software and files are available just by logging on via the internet with any device at home, on the road, anywhere with a hosted remote desktop service.

Hosted remote desktops, hosted desktops for short, are the modern way to run all your Windows desktop applications using the cloud. A hosted desktop lets you share applications, documents and data with colleagues so you can do more anywhere.

The advantages of this are:
- all your IT costs are covered in a subscription which is an operating cost rather than a capital cost which has tax advantages.
- the headache of upgrading hardware and software licensing goes away making it simpler to run your IT estate.
- 24/7 support to ensure the service runs is included in your subscription as are updates.
- the service is fully scalable from 1 to 1000 or more users, you can scale up or down as your business needs to with no more than a monthly commitment.
- the service is securely delivered using UK datacentres
and ISO 27001 certified so you can rest assured your data is safe.

Check out our special offer or try a demo for yourself.

Design Virtually Anywhere...

Make a strategic move to position your business to operate effectively regardless of the location of your team. Inevidesk enables architects, engineers... anyone using powerful graphics software to access project design files and collaborate anywhere with an internet connection.

No need for expensive hardware. Connect on a basic modern laptop and it's possible to design as quickly as you can in the office. Nothing new to learn.
Secure, seamless IT for a simple life. Try it ! the speed of sound

Wherever you work today your voice can help you do more. Forget typing, speech recognition is the healthy way to do admin.. Create quotes, reports, letters, more. It's superfast. With perfect spelling.

Watch our video to find out how with Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud combined with Dragon Anywhere Mobile. Try it. We think you'll like it.